Keeper & Kosmo's litter is almost ready to go home!

An Airedale can do anything any other dog can do, and then whip the other dog if he has to.

- Theodore Roosevelt

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Good Dog - Pilots acres is recognized for excellent health testing practices for Airedale Terriers
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We absolutely love our Ellie girl from Pilot’s Acres. Doreen has a beautiful set up and takes tremendous care of her babies and their parents. Our girl is very smart and eager to learn. Anyone with a Pilots Acres baby is truly lucky!

Jennie M.

Doreen is the very best! She takes amazing care of her puppies. Highly recommend. We live in NY and got our puppy after many video calls and messages/pictures back and forth. Doreen transported him and kept us posted throughout the whole process. Our puppy is so sweet, friendly, smart, happy, such a snuggler and just awesome. We couldn't be happier!

Carol B.

We love our big girl! We got her in December of 2018 and she’s the perfect example of the breed: big, goofy, courageous, strong and loving. We appreciate Doreen and her family for giving her such a great start.

Jenny L.

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