Luna is our son’s Make A Wish puppy, he first had the wish 2 years ago after meeting an Airedale Terrier Therapy dog. We received our puppy on March 19th and we could not thank Doreen enough to make this possible and giving us the greatest gift having our son smile each day because he got his Luna.
-Maika F.


We absolutely love our Ellie girl from Pilot’s acres. Doreen has a beautiful set up and takes tremendous care of her babies and their parents. Our girl is very smart and eager to learn. Anyone with a Pilots Acres baby is truly lucky!
-Jennie M.


Doreen goes above and beyond to care for these puppies! Our Maggie is the sweetest most beautiful puppy! She loves our kids and has fit in wonderfully with our other dogs. Would most definitely recommend Pilot's Acres!
-Ashlie L.


We got our beautiful sweet girl today and couldn’t be happier. Doreen made the whole process so easy. She’s amazingly responsive and helped us through the process. Originally we were going to fly out to pick up our pup but with COVID we last minute canceled and had her shipped. Doreen easily helped us through the change and now she’s here! Ginger Spice (Gigi) is the perfect mix of sweet and playful!
-Elizabeth P.


We absolutely recommend Pilot’s Acres - Airedale Puppies! Doreen is the most incredible puppy mother there is. She has a lifetime of experience owning, training, and loving the gorgeous Airedale terrier. She lives in the country on a large quiet lot with tons of room to run and play. She has an incredible process for how she takes care of the Airedale mothers. We were so impressed to learn how she feeds them through the entire pregnancy and nursing phase. These babies are never bottle fed because the mother always has more than enough nutrition to provide.Our little girl, Abigail, was adopted at 10 weeks old. She’s an angel! Within less than one week she is 95% house broken, learning not to nibble on humans, using the dog door, and respectfully interacting with our two older dogs. She’s completely crate trained, and walks SUPER well on a leash.She’s the best puppy I’ve ever met in my life!Thank you, Doreen! You’re incredible, and we couldn’t do this without your amazing support and kindness through the entire process!
-Sarah G.


Very loving caring friendly home based Airedale Puppies and Doreen is the best.
- Brenda D.
I got my first Airedale from Pilot’s Acres. I got to drive up and meet him before he came home to stay. He has the absolute best personality! My best friend! He also cuddles with me which I hear is rare for an Airedale. He gets along with everyone too! He turns 2 on April 10th.
- Donna Y.
Doreen is the very best! She takes amazing care of her puppies. Highly recommend. We live in NY and got our puppy after many video calls and messages/pictures back and forth. Doreen transported him and kept us posted throughout the whole process. Our puppy is so sweet, friendly, smart, happy, such a snuggler and just awesome. We couldn't be happier!
-Carol B.
We absolutely adore our pilot pup. She’s incredibly smart, super sweet, and absolutely gorgeous!
-Corianna C.
We love our big girl! We got her in December of 2018 and she’s the perfect example of the breed: big, goofy, courageous, strong and loving. We appreciate Doreen and her family for giving her such a great start.
- Jenny L.
We got our first Airedale from pilots acres and she is the best parwtner in the world!!! I’m so glad we got her diving into this breed because she is the absolute best!!! She’s about to turn 3 next year so seeing her grow up, making us laugh, mad, and happy is the I could ask for! She is a great, loving and caring breeder! She knows so much about Airedales and has the knowledge about them! Thank you pilot’s acre for the greatest dog in the world
- Gaby P.
Love love love this family and what they do for the puppies !! They go above and beyond to make sure these puppies are taken care of as well as the mommy and daddy of course! Our little Oliver is 4 month old now and has monthly vet visits and the vet loves him! He has very good health and is a growing puppy. This breed will always be my number one! Thank you Pilots Acres for my furrever puppy love!
- Kirston M.
The amount of effort and pride that was taken in raising the litter of puppies is absolutely above reproach.Her amount of love, the willingness to help and guide, the amount of knowledge Doreen is willing to give and share is above and beyond expectation. Everyone that's encountered our puppy has been completely amazed with her quality, her abilities, her great looks and how incredibly smart she is. I could not have asked for a better pet, or to have meet a better friend then Doreen.
- Moe B.
Doreen was very helpful and answered all the questions me an my husband had. & we had a lot. We love our pilot puppy ( Aramis). He has stolen our hearts 🥰 & we recommend pilot’s acres to anyone looking for a Airedale puppy
- Jasmine D.
Doreen is the best! They take care of their puppies with so much love and care. They have a great home and great facility for the pups.
- Raul C.