Foster Program

How does an Airedale Foster Program Work?

The female or male “pick of select litters” is sold for a reduced fee to a family that will provide a loving, caring home. The Airedale lives with their family for their whole life except when it is coming to Pilot's Acres to be bred or have puppies. The foster family signs for full ownership along with a restrictive breeding contract with Pilot's Acres. While the foster puppy grows, we monitor its health, temperament and conformation to see if it is suitable for breeding. Once the Airedale is old enough to breed, we decide which Airedale to partner it with and when. Foster families enjoy the opportunity to pass on great genetics without the responsibility of rearing a litter. In our opinion, it is one of those “win-win” situations for everyone involved. If for some reason Pilot's Acres decides a dog is not suitable for breeding, I will ask that it be spayed or neutered at which point breeding contract is null and void and the Airedale is able to enjoy the rest of it’s life with it’s family.

Thank You To Our Fosters Families!

Interested in adding one of our puppies to your family through our Foster program?

Please email or call 972-825-3450!
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